Me, procrastination and deadlines

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I’m not very good at Twitter and I don’t go on it very often, but when I do read through things people have Tweeted I’m shocked at how direct they are. I mean, proposals of marriage and things like that. I’m not gonna say yes to someone I’ve never met, am I?

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Video Game Meme: [6/7] Video Games - Mass Effect 
"Stand in the ashes of a trillion dead souls and ask the ghosts if honor matters. The silence is your answer."

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Want to Win a Dragon Age Keep Code?


Here’s how you do it. Reblog this post (or tweet me @Ladyinsanity) answering this question:

What decision do you most regret making in Dragon Age?

My personal example: I regret keeping the Architect alive, solely because I think he’s one of the original magisters (like Corypheus) who will become aware and bite me in the ass one day.

I’ll randomly choose TWO winners from the entries. (Thanks Christina!) Will be taking reblogs and tweet entries until 7:30PM Pacific.

Good luck!

I regret killing Loghain. On every goddamn playthrough. Sometimes it’s Alistair, sometimes it’s my Warden, but always the same outcome. I really wish I could try and see Loghain as companion, but from my Wardens’ viewpoint, it’s the right choice at the time. 

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No I never had a chance

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Aldis Hodge by Lanisha Cole

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" The truth is a matter of circumstances. It’s not all things to all people all the time. 
And neither am I.

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Amazon ruined our cat’s birthday but look how they made it up to her :D

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My social life has two moods: Mr Bingley and Mr Darcy. 

There is no in between

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From imgfave.com

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All I can do is follow my instincts, because I’ll never please everyone.

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It’s not Adam and Steve, it’s Adam and STEPHEN. With a “P-H”.

It’s not Adam and Steve, it’s Adam and Kevin. Don’t get Adam started on Steve, he was the worst.

It’s not Adam and Steve, it’s Eve and Lilith.

It’s not Adam and Steve, it’s Adam and Carol and Ted and Alice.

It’s not Adam and Steve, I mean, it was at one point, but it’s Adam and Stephanie now. You didn’t hear?

It’s not Adam and Steve, it’s Eve. Just Eve. Happy by herself.

It’s not Adam and Steve, it’s eesh, look, I’ll date at some point but I’m just too busy right now. Give it time.


—Mara Wilson  (via tockwhoticks)
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"If you saw me on a sunday, you’d just mistake me for a burglar who just run really fast from the scene of crime… cause I look that dodgy."(x)

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"Fandom, after all, is born of a balance between fascination and frustration: if media content didn’t fascinate us, there would be no desire to engage with it; but if it didn’t frustrate us on some level, there would be no drive to rewrite or remake it."

—Henry Jenkins, Convergence Culture, 2006. (via bigbangthesis)
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Get to know me meme: ~1/5~ favorite actresses (in no particular order)

Adelaide Kane

"Auditioning is extremely bizarre. Just being an actor is extremely bizarre, but I wouldn’t have it any other way."

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